Game or GRIND? (a Maplestory review)

Howdy ho maplers! Maplestory released in 2003, featuring a 2D MMORPG with low resolution graphics but a HUGE fanbase with millions of supporters. I have never seen a fanbase as passionate as the one cultivated by Maplestory because people will pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a SLIM CHANCE at getting something they want (myself included). What's the reason for this?

Maplestory is a game that gives you the baton to play the game however you want. There's friendstory, fashionstory, legionstory, and of course, GRINDstory. Personally, I went with the GRINDstory cause I love progressing and becoming the strongest, even in real life too. To be frank, Maplestory has taught me a lot of LIFE LESSONS which is surprising from a game. Let's dive in!

Key Life Lessons:

(the section where you've only got time to read on your toilet)

  1. There are 3 categories for tasks that we're responsible for.

  2. It's crucial to define what you want in a game.

  3. Personally, Maplestory was once a fun game to bond with friends but became a tiresome grind in the end.

The Grindy Trinity

There are things we NEED to do and things we WANT to do. However, we should only be responsible for 3/4 of them! This was a valuable lesson taught by Scardor, Maplestory legend. I thought this was a simple way to divide up tasks that could be applied outside of the game because we should ultimately avoid anything we don't want to do nor need to do. Now, I live my life by grinding out the 3/4 tasks and it has only been a healthy journey.

My Definition for Gaming Time

I have a friend who solely plays Maplestory and loves it as if it were part of their lives. They've taught me so many things in Maplestory and we've bonded so much over it. However, I started to grow apart from Maplestory as I played other games like Valorant and variety games. They stated that I should have a balance in life which erupted a reflection for how I thought of "gaming time".

After a light-hearted reflection, I knew that gaming was a way for me to destress and bond with friends. At first Maplestory was the best way to bond with my friends over COVID because it was a great time sink. When Maplestory became more of a grind, it took up so much of my mental space to the point that I didn't have any mental capacity for other things that were important to me. For example, making a website and opening an Etsy 3D printing shop were heavily delayed because I had no mental capacity for them. My ultimate conclusion was that I need to balance how much time I spend on gaming, but when it comes to gaming, f*ck it, I'll play whatever I want.

Maplestory Review

Overall: 3.5/5

Aesthetics: 4/5

Despite a low resolution, 2D game, it's got some of the best beauty and fashion customizations ever. If you like the cute anime look, this is definitely for you!

Fun: 2/5

It's mostly a solo game, and what I find fun is doing exciting and exhilarating things with my friends. That, you can only get out of boss runs which occur weekly.

Social: 4/5

The community is great. Make sure you join a guild and you'll be able to meet so many people who can give you tips and help you along the way. Most people on Maplestory are very friendly and will probably run you through lots of bosses.

Rewarding: 3/5

Despite spending billions of mesos and coming out with worse gear, there's also the best feeling ever when you get 3L stats or 20 stars or the perfect fit you've always wanted in a cosmetic box.

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