The Past, Present, and Future


Ongoing Projects

  1. Professional

    1. Integrating XDL and Route Prediction to Subway Graphs

    2. Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning to Organic Photovoltaics

    3. JANUS 2.0 (extension of

  2. Personal

    1. Creating this website! My new documentation tool.

    2. Blogging about my work and interests.

    3. Creating my Etsy Shop! Found at

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Upcoming Projects I'm excited about

  1. Winter 2022: Chemistry Automation Robotics Project @ Aspuru-Guzik Lab

  2. Write a Research Paper on Subway Graphs, OPV ML, JANUS 2.0

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Projects I'm proud of

Subway Maps to Graphs + RoutescoreML

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April 2021 - Present

The Routescore algorithm was built in a research setting with hard-coded routes. I give Routescore a complete makeover from "Maps" to "Graphs". The graph network is much more flexible and robust to allow users to easily integrate new routes and molecules. Currently, Subway Graphs is still under development. However, RoutescoreML is a solution I spun off for an inherent problem of data acquisition. The LSTM Regression Model is trained on ~4000 reactions. On our test data, the parity plot of the best model is now achieving a slope = 1.024 and R^2 = 0.988.

RoutescoreML can be found:

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April 2020 - April 2021

I built a bacteria-surface interaction simulation where the primary goal was to minimize electrostatic energy by changing the domains on the surface and bacteria.

You can try it out at:

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Educational Chemistry App

May - August 2020

Due to COVID-19, I developed an app for undergraduate students to perform a virtual analytical chemistry lab at home.

You can download it on the Android Play Store: