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Hey readers, writers, researchers, students, entrepreneurs, and gamers!
I'm Stanley Lo and those are all the communities I'm a part of. If you identify with one of them, join me on my adventure in building out these avenues of my life.

My Mission

"Leave this world a bit better than you found it." - Robert Baden-Powell

I was born on February 29, 2000 (leap day!) in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. I currently live in Toronto and I'm a 4th year undergrad at the University of Toronto (UofT) in the Chemistry Specialist stream. I plan on pursuing a PhD at UofT which will ignite my journey to create a startup from my research. I'm an impact-driven person who loves the idea of using sophisticated research to help real people with real challenges. I'm all in and ready to give it 110%!


  • Determination

  • Perseverance

  • Empathy

  • Grit

  • Open-minded

  • Optimistic


  • Python

  • 3D Printing (SLA & Filament)

  • App Development (Java)


  • ChemTech

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Mass Personalization

  • Wants to learn how to design 3D character models

  • Translational Chemistry


  • Golfing

  • Valorant + all kinds of games

  • Netflix

  • Piano

  • Fishing

  • Listening to Podcasts